Extraordinary Women Attorneys


Are you a woman attorney concerned with

the state of the world?


Are you worried about the future for your grandchildren?


Do you feel misunderstood or unappreciated by your male counterparts or staff?


Does it seem impossible to find life balance, with time to read, exercise, and be with friends?


Do you feel drained from not doing

what you feel called to do? 


Do you argue often with your partner/spouse? Worry about your children?



How  can you use your passion and expertise to make a profound difference for the world, leaving you deeply fulfilled?

Imagine the peace in knowing you are giving your children the character development they need, while growing their talents and abilities? 

What if you had an efficient team, committed to your goals and legacy, working when you are not?

What would it be like to enjoy life balance, peace and fun with your family?

How would you be a more effective leader if you  had endless energy, deep sleep, and exquisite self-care?




"...women yearn to play a bigger, more meaningful game. This is the game I call Sacred Success. This game has a decidedly spiritual component and a deep commitment to a higher purpose, or a search for significance."  Barbara Stanny, Sacred Success






Download your free gift here, and check your email This is a Champion for the World Worksheet that will reveal your assets and passion and begin to clarify your possibility! A crucial beginning in your first step! 



Meet Gayle Tuch, attorney mom with a passionate side interest. 

"I've changed my direction. I'm moving ahead and not spinning my wheels. I no longer am so impulsive about everything. I'm more serene. I found my True North and am now writing my legacy. I'm ahead of my 5 year plan."

Gayle Tuch, P.C.



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